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h.o.p.p.i.d.a.n (Hope's an Oppidan Scholar.) [entries|friends|calendar]

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About me, neh? [13 Apr 2007|11:01pm]
[ mood | curious ]

So. I've been on here for what...a few months now? Well, no big surprise. I only got this account so I could communicate with Vixen more thoroughly. I was convinced at first that it was just another stupid Myspace rip-off (And I don't like Myspace to begin with) and that there was no other point in talking on here.

But I must admit...now my curiosity is sparked. People here actually seem to possess brains. And they're literate. Geez. I think I just stumbled across blog-heaven.

So...a little about me:

I'm not telling my name. I simply go by 'Hope', or other variations on it. Kingdom Hearts is my full-fledged obsession, and I'm a die-hard Larxel fan.  I won't bother mentioning where I live, because I loathe this place with every cell in my being, but I will tell you that if you can get through the climate here, you can make it anywhere. Penguins and horses (and cats) are my favorite animals. I have plans to become a world dictator, but if that doesn't work out, the medical industry is my next choice.

I do have friends and they're the best in the world. That includes Vixen, Mal, Issa, Mindy, and Greaseh-wa. I'd run out in front of a truck for them. However, if that truck is carrying doughnuts, I'm more concerned with stopping the truck for the doughnuts' sake. Not theirs. I love them all to death, but unfortunately for them, I love Riku from Kingdom Hearts even more. Oh well.

I enjoy fanfictions and well-edited videos, along with fried rice and soy sauce, anime and manga, and thunderstorms. Video games like Radiata Stories, the Final Fantasy saga, and, of course, Kingdom Hearts make me squeal.

I'm a pessimist through and through, though I actually find joy in it. How messed up is that? Ah, but it's true. When you're a pessimist, you end up being right about so many things in life.

I'm always up for a chat. I'm quite random and often hyper.

Mmm, so yeah.


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